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White Doves
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White Dove Release Business
White dove releasing is one of the most rewarding and memorbable experiences one could encounter.
Whether you want to fly a distinquished group of birds at a wedding, funeral, birthday party, or other special event, the white dove release business is fulfilling and profitable.  We have the quality stock that is presently being used around the country.  We have not received any bad reviews regarding our birds since we began offering them some seven years ago.  We can help you set up your white dove release business from scratch.  The key is training.  You must have the time to train and exercise your team.  Just as you would prepare a sports team for competition, you will essentially do the same with your bird team.  This business, like many other businesses is not for everyone.  To be successful, you must be dedicated to your team and be dilegent with your routine.  You must also consider that you will have bench players or reserves to keep your business operating on a continuous pace, so therefore, you will need ample housing for your birds.  Many people start with a few breeding pairs and build their team from that foundation.  Some people purchase fledgling birds, just out of the nest to start their business.  This may be considered a quicker way to get started, but it is only recommended to those who have some prior knowledge on keeping this type of bird.  If you would like to build a team of champions, let us get you started the right way.  Once you start your business of white dove  releasing, you will be the most remembered.  Someone said " I don't remember what I ate at the event, but the launching of those beautiful white birds sticks in my mind"
Breeding Pairs For Sale
Breeding pairs of birds are those birds that have mated and produced two to three clutches.  These birds are noted to be good producers and good parents before they are sold.  If you are purchasing breeders It is recommended that you request a writ of guarantee to ensure that your birds are true mates and good parents.  Some birds are known to be good producers, but not good parents, thus kicking their young out of the nest or leaving them to starve.  Make sure that you are getting a pure bred bird.  If you see any discoloration or patch, that bird may not be a pure white specimen.  Most breeding pairs mate for life.  Both parents will participate in the feeding and nourishment of the young.  During incubation, both parents will take turns sitting on the eggs.  The hen will normally start the incubation process and she will normally finish the process.  Your breeders will determine the success of your business.  Take good care of them and they will take care of you.
Fledgling Birds
Fledglings are very young birds usually 5-8 weeks old.  These birds cannot fly, but are getting ready to fly.  If you began your operation with fledglings, you will be required to spend quite a bit of time with the youngsters.  You can train them to return to your loft successfully.When released, most birds, especially the older birds will attempt to fly to the loft in which they were born or have reared young.  This is why it is so important to get the birds to know you.  We offer young birds to people who have had a little experience with racers and rollers.  You must have a basic knowledge to properly train the young birds.  Purchasing fledgling birds offers faster progress toward forming your team.  I consider them as draft picks for my team because I will need backups and reserve players in case one of my players is injured or intercepted by a nasty hawk.  You must consider the enevitable.  You will, from time to time discover that one of your team members doesn't make it back to the loft.   This is a process of nature and there is not much you can do about it.  Once your team is flying, you are advised to fly on clear days, no more than 50 miles from your loft and at least two hours before dusk.  Give your team every opportunity to return safely.   
Tonk Branch Loft  will launch Wings of Honor White Dove Release company December 2011.  Wings of Honor, for the highlights, for remembrance, forever, will serve your needs for occasions such as weddings, memorials, birthdays, conformations, and other special ceremonial events.  We will operate a first class business that you can trust.  We will publish further details about booking and the availabilty of our services closest to you.  If you wish to inquire about a business opportunity in this rewarding and exciting industry, please feel free to call as we are in the process of placing members of our network nationwide.  

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