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 Gamebird Propagation Services
By: Upland Game Bird Management Group

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     Game bird populations have depleted to record lows in the past 5 to 10 years.  As a result to the apparent decline, a favorite sporting past time has dimenished.  Twenty years ago, quail hunting was a treasured sport.  A day on the farm for a good ole bird hunt was so enjoyful and it instilled unforgettable memories.  Although there are many known contributors to the demise of game birds, such as drought, roadrunners, cattle egrets, raccoons, skunks, wild hogs and fire ants, the overwhelming factor is loss of habitat.   

      Today, most quail hunting is conducted under staged or formatted circumstances which is very fun, but not like a natural wild bird experience.  Upland Game Bird Management Group, which is a subsidiary of Tonk Branch Farm has initiated its gamebird conservation campaign.  The purpose of this campaign is to re-establish game bird populations through habitat enhancements and cyclical game bird release programs.  The object of this campaign is to creat optimal environments that encourage birds to congregate and naturally reproduce.  We encourage all landowners to participate in this game bird restoration campaign by implementing our program.  A dedicated effort is needed to make this campaign successful.  We are asking farmers and ranchers to contact us to discuss how to enhance habitats and provide the optimal nutritional requirements that is required to produce more birds.  We will assist you with assigning a range management specialist to evaluate your property and prescribe an optimal plan.    

     There are notable advantages to participating in our conservation program.  The foremost advantage to implementing the program is the re-establishment of game bird populations for personal enjoyment.  A secondary advantage, is the opportunity to generate supplemental income from your property.  Many land owners are supplementing their overall incomes with the leasing of hunting privelages to sportsman and outdoorsmen.  In more recent years, landowners have done quite well offereing their properties to deer hunters.  We believe implementing the game bird conservation program will give the land owner an even better opportunity to supplement their opportunity because you can levy fees for both deer hunting and game bird hunting. Please feel free to contact us to get you started with our program.

Gamebirds                     Waterfowl                       Guineafowl                      King Pigeons                    Exotic  Mammals                    Aviary               Gamebird Hunting &  Propagation  Services